Microblading Cancellation list 

Appointments tend to book quickly causing scheduling to go on hold. However, a cancellation list is in place so if a client cancels their scheduled appointment, their canceled appointment could become yours by completing the form below.

How the Cancellation List works

  • You have impeccable foresight so you completed the form below to be added to the cancellation list
  • An appointment cancels
  • We email/text message you the appointment date and time
  • You accept or decline the appointment as soon as possible by replying to the email/text message
  • If you don't reply within 90 minutes of our email/text message then the appointment is offered to the next person on the cancellation list

Be Advised:

Scoring an appointment from the cancellation list usually comes with little notice, so it's essential that you're already familiar with the microblading contraindications. If you haven't already, please review the important information on the, "Before Your Appointment" page to ensure the procedure won't interfere with your overall well-being.

Being added to the Brows by Whitney cancellation list does not guarantee an appointment since it's based entirely on the chance someone might cancel their scheduled appointment. We advise scheduling an appointment using the normal booking process whenever appointments become available.


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Please indicate the service you are interested in (Apologies! Brow wax & tint appointments are on an indefinite hold.)