Eyebrow Transformation: Utah Microblading


My love for eyebrows runs deep, but my love for helping women feel beautiful runs even deeper. I’m not talking about the beauty that only runs skin deep. Each one of us has some form of inner beauty that needs to be shared. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident in sharing their inner beauty, and that’s why I created Brows by Whitney.

Eyebrows have the ability to transform the entire look of a face, and I have seen countless times how an eyebrow transformation helps instill confidence and helps many women become more comfortable letting their inner beauty shine. We all have something to share, and I count myself lucky that I can use a medium such as eyebrows to advocate sharing the beauty from within.

My background

I have worked as a master esthetician since 2001, and specialize in eyebrow shaping, tinting and waxing. My obsession for the art of eyebrows began when I worked as a makeup artist for Smashbox Cosmetics and later MAC Cosmetics. The experience I gained in cosmetics led to my becoming a master esthetician. Working as a master esthetician I realized there are issues like over-tweezed, or sparse eyebrows, and brows with no arch, that can’t be remedied by an eyebrow wax and tint. It inspired me to advance my skills further so I could offer one of the hottest beauty trends in Utah; eyebrow microblading. My extensive background, complete with makeup artistry and esthetics, combined with microblading eyebrows, has given me the skill to enhance and transform any eyebrows into a masterpiece.

I strive to be the best at what I do, and I take pride in people trusting me with their eyebrows. My desire to excel has given me opportunities to care for the brows of several well known clients, including; world famous figure skater, Michelle Kwan, during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics; actress, Tara Reid, during her time in Salt Lake filming a movie; and, local reality tv star, Ashley Gardner, from the TLC series “Rattled.” 

My promise

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you need your brows to look perfect for an Olympic event, a movie filming, a TV series, your wedding, a hot date, or just because it’s a Wednesday. I don't care if you're an old friend or you found me by searching, microblading near me, on the internet, I feel honored each time I am trusted to use my expertise to turn eyebrows into a masterpiece. 

I love my job and I take the trust people place in me very seriously and I strive to offer the best microblading in Utah. I would never do anything to someone else’s face that I wouldn’t do to my own. For that reason, I sought out the best training to ensure that I gained the necessary knowledge and experience to develop exceptional microblading skills. After thorough research, I found expert microblading instructor, Patricia Willardsen, and completed the extensive training program she offers. I continued to pursue ways to further my skills and completed an advanced microblading class from Patricia, followed by even another master training course by Alanna Uasike.

My work is driven by my passion to promote all forms of beauty, and in doing so I promise you will never get anything less than my absolute best!