Brows by Whitney Bracket Challenge

BbW Bracket Challenge

Thank you to everyone who submitted a bracket as well as all of those who participated by voting each round. Congratulations to Brandi O. the winner of the microblading giveaway who submitted the winning bracket! Check out the bracket below to see how the tournament played out and how Olivia Culpo’s brows earned her the title of champion.

Use this link to check out their brows.

final bracket.JPG

March Madness isn’t going to be just about basketball. I’m making it all about BROWS by conducting the Brows by Whitney Bracket Challenge, and I'm giving the winning participant:


Entering to win is easy: use the Brow Bracket below to make your picks; submit it; and vote each day for your favorite brows.


Get a Bracket - Use your mobile device to screenshot the brow bracket, or do it old school and print a paper copy.

Fill it Out - On your mobile device, use your photo editor to crop the photo so just the bracket remains and then use the mark-up tools to write in your picks. Or if you’re rocking it old school, just write your picks on your paper copy of the bracket.

Submit it - Save the marked-up bracket on your mobile device and email it to: For you old-schoolers, snap a pic of your completed bracket with your mobile device and email it to the previously mentioned address.


(brackets received after March 21st will not be included in the challenge)


A poll will be conducted each day where 2 pairs of celebrity brows will face off against each other. The celebrity brows receiving the most votes for that day advances to the next round of competition. Points are awarded to participants of the BROW BRACKET CHALLENGE for each correctly picked brows that advance to the next round.

After submitting your completed BROW BRACKET, make sure to vote everyday like your eyebrows depend on it! The participant who submits the BROW BRACKET earning the highest score will win the microblading giveaway.

Bracket Challenge Voting:

  • Vote every day right here on this page beginning March 22nd

  • Vote daily by following the BrowsByWhitney Instagram account

 (psst! If I were you, I’d vote in both places to increase your chances of winning) 

Voting Dates:

  • March 22nd through 29th - First Round (Sweet 16)

  • March 31st through April 3rd - Second Round (Elite 8)

  • April 5th through April 6th - Third Round (Final 4)

  • April 8th - Final Round (Championship)

  • April 9th - Microblading Giveaway Winner Announced

    Bracket Scoring:

Points are awarded for each set of brows correctly picked that advance to the next round.

The scoring is as follows:

  • Round 1 - correct picks advancing from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 earn 1 point

  • Round 2 - correct picks advancing from the Elite 8 to the Final 4 earn 2 points

  • Round 3 - correct picks advancing from the Final 4 to the Finals earn 4 points

  • Round 4 - correct pick advancing from the Finals to the Champion earns 8 points


Some restrictions apply. The winner of the Brows by Whitney Bracket Challenge must:

If the winner fails to meet any of the above criteria, she will be disqualified and the participant with the next highest point total will be deemed the giveaway winner. At no time is the winner able to transfer the microblading to another person, or redeem it for monetary value. Brows by Whitney is free of any obligation to complete the winner's microblading by a certain date, or offer scheduling accommodations outside the normal Brows by Whitney appointment times.