How to Maintain Eyebrows

After finishing an eyebrow microblading appointment, and discussing all the microblading aftercare instructions and the microblading healing process—especially now that I have brow waxing on hold—I usually get asked a variety of questions dealing with how to maintain brow shape, or how to fill in eyebrows.

To address these questions I have decided to share a few suggestions in this "How to Maintain Eyebrows" blog series accompanied with some videos to provide DIY brow maintenance and makeup tips, so read on and check out the video below.

Part One: Eyebrow Trimming

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Flawless eyebrows don’t just happen; there are a number of necessary actions typically used to create and maintain them. Shape is the foundation of beautiful brows, and brow trimming is an essential part of maintaining the definition of an eyebrow’s shape. Trimming different areas of the eyebrow to a specific length helps to keep the shape looking definite, giving a clean, well manicured appearance.

I have yet to meet anyone with eyebrows that just stay the perfect length all the time, so regardless of the eyebrow shape or style, everyone needs an eyebrow trim at some point, especially anyone interested in perfecting the look of their brows. Typically when my clients came in for a brow wax, I would trim their brows as well, so that translates into a little trim roughly every 4-6 weeks.

Luckily brow trimming is something simple enough that it doesn’t require anything more than a mirror, spoolie brush, brow trimming scissors, and some good lighting. Unfortunately, as important as brow trimming is to the total brow package, it’s also an area of eyebrow maintenance that I commonly see causing issues for a lot of people. 

There’s more to it than just chopping away with some scissors; knowing the proper technique of how to trim the eyebrow hair and understanding the importance of how different areas of the brow need to be left at a certain length is critical, or this simple task can quickly turn eyebrows into a mess. Watch this short clip for some important tips on how to trim eyebrows without ruining the brow's shape.


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