How to Fill-in Eyebrows Using a Brow Pencil or Powder

I've been asked a lot of questions regarding eyebrow maintenance, and makeup tips over the past seventeen years as I have been perfecting eyebrows by waxing, tinting, and microblading.

To address these questions I decided to share some of my expertise in a "How to Maintain Eyebrows" blog series, so check out the video below, then make sure to scroll down a little further for two great eyebrow makeup tips! 

How to Maintain BROWs - Part Two: using Makeup to Fill-in Brows

Like previously stated in Part One of this "How to Maintain Eyebrows" blog series, flawless eyebrows don’t just happen; even after creating perfectly shaped brows. There are ways to capitalize on the foundation of great eyebrow shape by adding even more definition, and wow to those brows. One way is by filling in brows with makeup, like an eyebrow pencil, or eyebrow powder which are designed to help accentuate eyebrows.


watch the Video or read below on how to fill-in eyebrows:

Filling in Eyebrows with a Brow Pencil

A brow pencil is the most popular thing people use to fill-in their brows, and probably the fastest way to fill them in. I prefer to use eyebrow pencils with a softer lead so it draws on easily.

I always start right about a third of the way in from where my brow starts, and I like to make a pretty defined line at the bottom going all the way to the end of my brow. Then I work the pencil into the brow shading upwards from the bottom defining line that I drew on first. I am missing part of the arch in one of my brows, so I use the brow pencil to draw in where the hairs are sparse, which allows me to create a more definite brow.

Just like with every product used in eyebrows, it's important to constantly use the spoolie brush to make sure everything looks well blended where the brow pencil has been applied.

Then I move on to work the front portion of the brow (the beginning third mentioned previously), but I like this part of my brow to be a little lighter. Instead of using the brow pencil to completely shade this portion in, I just draw little, random hair-like lines for enhancement.

***Eyebrow Makeup tip #1: Filling in Brows with a pencil***

To achieve more natural looking eyebrows when filling them in, avoid drawing a very definite line anywhere else but the bottom of the brow; it prevents a fake, sharpie-esque appearance when an eyebrow isn't boxed in by hard lines.

Filling in Eyebrows with Brow Powder

Brow powder is my go to eyebrow makeup; when I'm in a hurry I feel like I can make it look good quickly. An angled brush is a necessity when it comes to filling in brows with powder.

I start by dipping my brush into the powder and begin about a third of the way in from where my brow starts. Then I apply the powder along the bottom edge of my brow towards the end to create a defining line, and just work the powder into my brow moving from the bottom towards the top.

I then proceed to do the front third of my brow by applying a lighter amount of powder. Following up with a spoolie brush is important so the powder is well blended and can create a more natural look.

Part of my brow is missing in one particular area, so by using the spoolie brush to brush the surrounding hairs down, I can use the angled brush to apply the eyebrow powder to reinforce definition and overcome any sparse looking area.

***Eyebrow Makeup Tip #2: Filling in Brows with Powder***

Eyebrow powder is a great enhancing product used for filling in brows, but a dark eye shadow can be used as a replacement if powder isn't available.


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