Best Healed Microblading Results with Updated Aftercare Routine


Ever hear the old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” It’s possible the original saying was actually, “beauty is in the eyebrows of their owner,” but it was misheard and mixed up like a phrase that gets whispered from person-to- person in the classic game of “telephone.” Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, the point is beautiful eyebrows are appreciated by both the person who has them as well as those who see them.

Is Microblading Worth It?

One thing is clear, microblading is worth the time and money you invest. However, too often, thoughts of an inconvenient healing process and aftercare routine can make microblading seem off-putting.

Most people do some research before booking a microblading appointment and learn they won’t be able to wash their face for two weeks (which is unpleasant) because they can’t get their brows wet while they heal. In addition, they feel their brows are going to look awkward at some point in the microblading healing process.

At the conclusion of every microblading appointment, I let my clients know what to expect throughout the healing process and teach them how to care for their freshly microbladed eyebrows. Even after telling them exactly what to expect, I would still get messages from roughly half of them in a panic because their eyebrows looked too dark, scabby, patchy, or faded.


Each time, I would remind them that they were experiencing exactly what I warned them about, and without fail, after another week or so of healing, their worries were in vain as their brows ended up healing beautifully.

The last thing I want is for a client to have any worries about microblading before, during, or after the appointment. With that in mind, I started considering what could reduce the drama of the healing process. In my quest for solutions, I specifically directed my attention to microblading aftercare as I felt it was one of the most important cogs in the entire microblading process.

In the past, my microblading aftercare routine was, like most aftercare recommendations, based on preventing the eyebrows from getting wet at all for two weeks, which was one of the biggest complaints I got from clients. Then I came across the longtime PMU artist, Tina Davies, who developed an aftercare routine that went completely against the grain compared to the common “no wet” approach.

Improved Microblading Aftercare

Honestly, I was a little reluctant to change at first, but after consulting with Tina and learning how her different approach to aftercare drastically improved the healing process, and even eliminated the panic messages from her clients, I was ready to implement her proven methods she perfected over the last few years.

IMG_3477 (1).JPG

After adapting my aftercare instructions, the drama my clients experience during the healing process reduced greatly; minimizing the awkwardness of the healing phases led to no more panicking. Furthermore, healed eyebrows are showing a significant increase in retention, and clients are no longer dealing with the dreadful two weeks of no face washing!

I realize microblading is an investment, so I want my clients to have the best results in the most efficient way. My job as a microblading artist and brow connoisseur is to ensure that every set of eyebrows I touch reach their full potential; I want them to be gorgeous.

Perfect brows stem from a perfect microblading process, which is why Brows by Whitney is founded on an unwavering commitment to excellence. I continually seek the top techniques, tools, and products so my clients know their brows are being created, from start to finish, with the very best the microblading industry has to offer.

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