How to Make the Very Most of Eyebrow Microblading

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Brows by Whitney clients book microblading appointments with the expectation of getting amazing eyebrows, and that’s why I do everything in my power to create the brow transformations they envision. On top of that, I understand microblading is an investment, and I want my clients to get the most from their microblading.
Similarly, someone getting microbladed should  be willing to do everything they can to get the most out of their microblading investment. Luckily, that only requires following simple guidelines regarding contraindications, how to prepare for a microblading appointment, and adhering to aftercare instructions.
Clients who realize the microblading process is made up of: 25% - their  preparation, 50% - Brows by Whitney expertise, and 25% - their aftercare, generally end up with the best results. So here’s a look at the 3 main parts of the microblading process to help illustrate how a client makes an impact on their microblading results.

1 – Preparing for Microblading


I wouldn’t send a confirmation email to every client who books a microblading appointment, advising them to become familiar with the “Before Your Appointment” webpage on if I didn’t think it was important. That page provides necessary information to help clients prepare for microblading appointments so they can get exceptionally healed results.
For example, guidelines advising to be off caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours, and common pain medications for 48 hours before an appointment are stated clearly*. Unfortunately, it’s becoming common for clients to arrive for their appointments with these substances in their system.
There are good reasons behind each guideline contained in the preparation instructions and they’re not in place to mess with anyone’s daily routine. Each of the substances mentioned above increases bleeding, which pushes some of the deposited pigment out, resulting in less color retention.
Whether a client feels she is the exception to the rule or she just isn’t reading the preparation instructions, healed microblading results may fall short of their full potential if the guidelines aren’t followed.

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The Bottom line: Preparation for microblading requires reviewing and adhering to all guidelines. Yep, that means being aware of what substances go into the body leading up to the appointment.

2 – Microblading Appointment

Assuming a client has prepared for their microblading appointment by following all recommended guidelines, step 2 only requires arriving to the appointment on time and then letting my training, experience, and love of perfect eyebrows take over. I transform eyebrows into masterpieces while clients simply lie there and relax.

The Bottom Line: Just show up on time while fully adhering to the preparation guidelines and I’ll take care of the rest.

3 – Microblading Aftercare and Things to Avoid


It’s impossible to literally hold a client’s hand and lead them down the path of microblading aftercare to ensure they get the best healed microblading results. But following all my aftercare instructions with exactness is the next best thing, and anyone who does is sure to make the most of their microblading investment and ultimately end up with amazing eyebrows.
Time for another example, if my aftercare says don’t do anything to work up a sweat for two weeks after being microbladed, then don’t. Sweat will cause the fine microbladed hair-looking strokes to heal more blurry and cause color fade. In other words, kiss natural looking microblading results goodbye by fooling with the aftercare program.

The Bottom line: Follow every aspect of the microblading aftercare as close as a shadow follows the person it belongs to.

Final TakeAway: If amazing brows are the endgame, don’t try to be the exception to the microblading guidelines. Nobody is.

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Before implementing any microblading preparation/aftercare guidelines, if applicable, please consult a physician in the case any guidelines conflict healthcare orders in place by a licensed healthcare professional. Brows by Whitney is not a licensed healthcare professional and is not responsible for any health related complications someone may experience by choosing to follow the preparation/aftercare guidelines associated with microblading.