How to Fill-In Eyebrows Using Brow Pomade

I previously stated in Part One of this "How to Maintain Eyebrows" blog series, flawless eyebrows don’t just happen. Great brows require close attention to detail. American designer, architect, and film-maker, Charles Eames said, "The details are not the details. They make the design." 

I'm not sure there's a statement that can better illustrate the importance of details especially when it comes to creating great brows. Once all the details are realized and managed appropriately, the final design reveals amazing eyebrows.


For a brow game to be considered strong, it needs to be able to "check the box" in a few areas. Brow shape is the foundation to great eyebrows, but it doesn't end there. Knowing how to use makeup to accentuate amazingly shaped brows is a must, and even women who have had microblading can benefit from some brow- filling-know-how.

A previous blog post gave a breakdown on how to fill-in eyebrows with a brow pencil and powder, this post picks up from there and explains how to use my favorite product, pomade. Watch the video below to see how I use pomade to fill in my eyebrows.

Scroll down to Check out the Makeup tip that adds even more dimension to eyebrows.


Pomade is my favorite product to use when filling in eyebrows; it helps create a more bold brow, but it can result in an overly-bold brow, so make sure to be light handed when applying. Using pomade as a brow filler can take a little more time compared to other fillers like pencils and powders, so remember to allow a little extra time when pomade is going to be the chosen eyebrow filler.

Pomade is applied with an angled brush. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. After lightly dipping an angled brush into the pomade, I begin about a third of the way in from where my brow starts, and make a pretty defined line along the bottom of my eyebrow which extends all the way to the end. Then I work the pomade into the brow by brushing it in and moving upwards from the bottom defining line. Once the angled brush has a little less pomade on it, I move to the front portion of the brow and start brushing it in there.

Throughout the process, just like when using a pencil or powder as a brow filler, it's important to use a spoolie brush frequently to make sure the pomade looks well blended with the natural eyebrow hair.

One of my brows has a corner of the arch that is missing, by using the spoolie I can brush the hair in a direction that allows me to take the angled brush and apply pomade to reinforce the arch. The only time I make a solid defining line, other than the defining line for the bottom of my eyebrow, is when I'm trying to add definition to a sparse area at an outer edge of my brow. By doing so, it creates a more natural look and prevents an obvious drawn on look. 

For one last tip, when I have just a little bit of extra time or if I'm going to a special event, I like to take a concealer and highlight the bottom of my brows. Then I use a blending brush to blend the concealer, then once there is less product remaining on the brush, I out line the top as well and then blend. This is one of my favorite ways to really make my eyebrows stand out in a great way.


For added dimension, use two colors when filling in eyebrows. Make sure the difference between the colors is gradual, so just a shade lighter or darker will do. The bottom and end of the brow should be filled in with the darker shade, and the top and front of the brow should be filled in with the lighter shade. After blending the filled-in portions just like normal, the finished product looks even more natural.


Whitney is a Utah microblading artist who started Brows by Whitney to create beautiful eyebrow transformations by microblading eyebrows. Learn more about the microblading procedure, and check out some amazing microblading results from Brows by Whitney!