Does Eyebrow Microblading Hurt?


One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to eyebrow microblading is, “does it hurt?”

To answer that, another question needs to be asked: “Is it Brows by Whitney microblading?”

Potential microblading clients can be happy knowing that Brows by Whitney microblading does not hurt! I use a proven, top-notch numbing technique that is unparalleled, so my clients don't have to worry about an uncomfortable microblading experience. The numbing method I use is so effective some clients have even taken a nap during the microblading procedure. Below, is a Google review from one of my clients that helps to reinforce how good my numbing technique is.


The Truth About Microblading


Most women are familiar with the timeless saying “beauty is pain.” Throughout history women have voluntarily endured various forms of pain in the name of beauty. It’s sickening to think of women during the Victorian era falling victim to the uncomfortable boa constrictor-like corsets to exaggerate the look of a slimmer waist for beauty’s sake. Women are tough when it comes to undergoing the pain caused by various beauty procedures. However, if pain is avoidable, it should be avoided.

After some research, women interested in microblading can usually get an idea of how painful the procedure is and then decide if the benefit of amazing brows outweighs the pain. While some women don’t let pain keep them from perfect eyebrows, there are (understandably so) plenty who do. Since microblading involves making precise cuts in the skin to implant pigment, it should hurt; especially when it’s performed by someone who doesn’t use an elite numbing method.

Microblading Without the Pain

Just because microblading can hurt, doesn’t mean it should. Women who want to transform their eyebrows into a masterpiece, and do it without a serious dose of pain, are taking the right steps by booking their eyebrow microblading with Brows by Whitney. In fact, one of my clients recently told me the reason she chose me to do her microblading.


She scheduled a Brows by Whitney Microblading Appointment after hearing me talking with another client during a live Facebook feed about how effective my numbing technique is and how it kept her feeling comfortable throughout the entire microblading procedure.

The assurance of a comfortable microblading experience was extremely appealing to her because years earlier she underwent excruciating pain while getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. Since she had no interest in reliving that kind of pain again, she scheduled a microblading appointment with me. Once the appointment was over, she was happy to report my numbing technique did not disappoint.


Anyone reluctant about microblading because of pain can take relief knowing that scheduling a Brows by Whitney microblading appointment means their eyebrow transformation will be done the way it should be; comfortably.