The 5 Best Tips to Help Microblading Results Last Even Longer


Not many people win the perfect-eyebrow-genetics-lottery. However, good microblading gives eyebrows a look of completeness that rivals the appearance of beautiful natural-looking brows.

It’s safe to assume, those who make the investment to get gorgeous eyebrows want their brows to look “on point” for as long as possible.

Here are five easy tips that help Brows by Whitney microblading clients extend the staying power of their microblading procedure.

The Five Best Ways To Prevent Microblading from Fading

1.   First and foremost, all microblading aftercare instructions need to be followed with exactness to ensure the best possible healed results. Microblading can be done perfectly, but if the aftercare is compromised it can yield less than perfect results.

Make it a priority to follow the aftercare perfectly since there are no "do-overs" when it comes to healing correctly... well, at least until time travel is officially invented, so try not to screw it up until then.


2.   During the first 2 weeks of the microblading healing process avoid exercise or even working up a sweat in general. Sweat causes the implanted pigment to fade and appear blurry after microbladed eyebrows are fully healed.

Furthermore, even fully healed microbladed eyebrows are prone to premature color fade when they battle the effects of sweat from intense and regular exercise.

So for the love of great eyebrows, maybe dial it back a little… have a friend hide those old Richard Simmons workout videos if needed.

3.   Anti-aging and anti-acne skincare products containing RETINOL, RETIN A, and BENZOYL PEROXIDE should all be avoided like the plague. These substances lead to microblading strokes fading prematurely and cause the color to go gray.

In general, when have color fade or going gray ever been good? Yeah, that’s right. Never. So don’t even think about using the tiniest amount of the three substances mentioned above. 


4.   When it comes to microbladed eyebrows, sun exposure needs to be limited as much as possible. In fact, don’t be afraid to adopt the way a vampire thinks; the less sun the better.

After the microblading healing process is complete, sunblock should always be applied to the microbladed area before being exposed to the sun.

The use of a sun hat or umbrella, or staying in shaded areas to avoid the harmful effects of the sun can really go a long way in preventing premature color fade.

5.   Salt water and chlorinated water usually mean fun at the beach or pool. However, neither types of water are good for eyebrows that have undergone microblading because they do cause color fade.

That doesn’t mean a trip to the beach or pool is out of the question. It just means a little preparation is required. Apply a light layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to the microbladed area and then go swim. This preventative measure can only go so far, so it’s best to curb any desires that lead to becoming a mermaid.

Prepare For Brows on Point

These tips definitely help to keep that “brows on point” look going strong, but don't forget the proper preparation before a microblading appointment is crucial. Come prepared and get the best microblading results possible.

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